Friday, April 24, 2015

Morning Meow: Baseball Style

Meeeeeeeeeee-ow everybody!

Smokey here and we're playing catch up.  I notice that my fellow kitties haven't checked out the reverse photo book yet which is purry.  I can understand it, considering I'm way behind on stuff.  But what I'm hoping is that you kitties understand the purr-fect parts of this cool game.  I mean stop and purr about it for a second...

Baseball is something that not only is full of surprises for humans, but us kitties too.  Skeptical of this?  Well, try and read up on the past history.  You never know where it leads.  In the mean time, sit back, have a purr and try the second photo book.  This time, we'll reverse it so it makes a little more sense-MOL, with all of that being meowed you kitties have a purry day.  We're going to play catch-up in terms of a new photo book and I'll meow with you soon!

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