Thursday, August 13, 2015

Are You Sick of This Argument?

Yeah, yeah I know, this is a little repetitive.  But sometimes some things need to be said again.  I do want to know this though:

Are you sick of hearing how wonderful hunters are for conservation?

Now before you start screaming let me say this- I have NOTHING against people who like to hunt animals that are heavily populated (like deer).  I have a brother who hunts deer and that's fine.  That's his choice- personally I don't like it but hey to each his own right?  Let's also note this- I also know that there are hunters out there that generally do like to do things for the environment.

But come on...

Ever since the news of Cecil's death all we've heard is how wonderful big game hunters are for the environment and conservation.  Please- if that's the case explain this to me- if big game hunters are going to brag how great they are for the environment- then tell me why the tiger, lion, cheetah, Amur leopard, African leopard, rhino, elephant, etc. are probably going to go extinct in our lifetime?

Go ahead...

Explain it to me...

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