Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Wish List

Let’s call this a wish list…

          If I had millions of dollars I would get a lot of cool things and help the family, etc.  However, if I was literally swimming in money do you know what I would do after helping my mom fix her house?

          I’d get my own Big Cat Rescue.

          Does that sound silly?  Sure it does but one can dream right?  I would love to have a big cat rescue with great people working at it, who don’t preach about shutting down zoos or circuses.  I would have a place that would team with zoos to find out ways to help not just big cats breed but maybe other species as well.  As you know, the Purry Cute Corner has a fondness for rhinos, walruses and turtles.  I know, that’s a really weird list but exotic animals are just- how can I say it?  They’re so damned cool- that you want to save every single one.

          But let’s get back to the big cats.  How cool would it be to actually team up with a reputable zoo to actually save a big cat from one of those canned hunting grounds?  How (literally) awesome would it feel to actually make sure that a neglected big cat have a home at either your own park or somewhere nice like the St. Louis Zoo for instance?  The possibilities are endless…

          And a big cat lover can dare to dream, right?

          I wish some of these people that actually have a ton of money would jump on this bandwagon.  Maybe, we could actually save some of these animals instead of hearing such terrible stories of them being slaughtered for trophies.

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