Wednesday, August 17, 2016

A Wild Cat (Giraffe) Wednesday

Did you see this?

Okay, a lot of you probably did and why is this being posted on a 'Wild Cat' Wednesday?  Easy- I'm sick of big game hunters.  I'm sick of the excuses- 'oh it helps conservation,' 'oh it's a problem animal.'  Someone out there EXPLAIN TO ME WHEN A GIRAFFE IS A PROBLEM ANIMAL?
Do you know what we have in society? Selfish parents, greedy parents who pass it onto there rotten children.  Again- I'm screaming- WHY CAN'T ANYONE TAKE A STAND AGAINST BIG GAME HUNTING.

From what I know about giraffes, they bother NO ONE.  From what I hear about big game hunting it's all for the greed. What pisses me off about these African countries is that when all of these animals are gone they'll be the first people to bitch.

And still, I see all of these online do-gooders about how rotten zoos are.  You guys can go to hell. Thank god we have zoos.  If we didn't a bunch of rotten 12-year-olds would be killing everything along with there greedy parents.


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