Sunday, September 4, 2016

Siberian Tiger Sunday

On this Siberian Tiger Sunday I want you to go visit this:

Why?  They deserve props for giving a selfish world three beautiful tiger cubs.  Now, with that being meowed let's bring up an old argument.  I'll use my zoo, for reference, for $15 you can visit a gorgeous place with a big layout and see a lot of rare animals. Zoos are a gift to us because no matter how much you want to 'shut them down' YOU CAN'T SET THESE ANIMALS FREE. It won't work and I think a lot of you get it. 

Now, I want you to remember something else.  A lot of these zoos have really nice environments now and they actually keep getting better.  Before all of you yell 'PUT THEM ON A PRESERVATION!' Remember you can pay a reasonable amount to see them in a zoo you put them in a preservation just think of how much it would cost you then...

Think about it...

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