Saturday, September 10, 2016

Snow Leopard Saturday

A Cat-itorial...

Happy Cat-urday and let's begin with another argument and I'll keep MEOWING THIS until all of the cats come home.

Zoos are a good thing, not just a good thing but a great thing.  Did you see that the GORILLA could be extinct in the wild very soon.  Of course you saw it, anyone that comes by here is an animal lover- you what's going on.  They help keep gorillas alive and yeah, they're not perfect- but when you find a bad one you SHUT IT DOWN.  You don't punish the good ones for the bad.

In an ideal world I'd like to see animals in parks, zoos and in the wild.  But (and why can't some of you get this?) People are hunting these animals at a record pace.  Protection means nothing.  Poaching patrols are great but there are not enough of them.  Here's what I don't get- a lot of these animals are in Muslim countries and some of these governments will cut off your hand if you look at someone cross-eyed why not have the same punishment for poachers?

But I digress...

A snow leopard should not, by rights, be in as much trouble as it's in.  But oh no, gotta have that Chinese medicine right?  Be happy that zoos are out there if you like any form of cat and be even happier they're still around, in general.  Next year, they could be what the gorilla is today...

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