Friday, October 14, 2016

Fishing Cat Friday!

Okay, the last we left Phil the Fishing Cat, he was worried about how in the meow he was going to find a new home.  Granted, Fishing Cats don't technically say 'meow' but this is a cat blog- so the wording stands!  Anyway, it seemed no matter what the humans were out to destroy every single Fishing Cat area around.  This didn't look good and Phil was actually feeling purr-ty depressed at this point.

But one day- coincidently he happened to find a new forest area that the humans didn't touch yet.  (How's that for convenience, huh?)  He actually couldn't believe his luck.  The water seemed great and there were signs that other Fishing Cats might be around and yeah- I know what you're wondering...

What country is Phil in, exactly?

Hey, he's a Fishing Cat, he doesn't read maps!  Let's just say he's in what was once known as a heavy Fishing Cat territory.  Right now though, he felt like he was dreaming since he found such a purr-fect place- that was until...

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