Sunday, October 16, 2016

Siberian Tiger Sunday

          Now, if you remember from last week there was this story going around that saber-tooth tigers weren’t really tigers!  That was actually a quite horrifying concept since it threw every Flintstone and every old caveman movie image out the window.  What does this mean though- a saber-tooth cat is more like a marsupial?

But- But-


          Isn’t a marsupial a kangaroo? Of course it is and why am I asking that if I already know? Who knows- maybe bepaws I’m meowy frustrated- what is the history of today’s tiger?  Better yet- where did the Siberian Tiger come from?

          And please my fellow felines don’t meow ‘my backyard.’

          What I should do is paw around and ask the Siberian Tiger at the Pittsburgh Zoo.  Wait a meow-minute- are you confused on who’s pawing this out well I’m Casey B. Cat (that’s me below) and tigers are a favorite of mine bepaws of my owner, mom or whatever. So, I think it’s purr-ty important to do a full-fledged investigation to reveal everything that’s out there about tigers.

          And I’ll be more transparent than the Hillary Clinton campaign.  You can bet your meows on that one. Now what was I meowing- ah meow- the Pittsburgh Zoo.  I should paw down there and see what’s up but that big guy is mad at me.  Why? I call him a Siberian Tiger- he says he’s an Amur. Grrrrr...fussy cat. He’s way too sensitive.

To be continued...

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