Sunday, October 23, 2016

Siberian Tiger Sunday

          Meeee-ow, now it’s a ‘Siberian’ Tiger Sunday and it seems like we should meow about the Siberian Tigers, right?  Of meow, we should!  But that kind of gets off topic- or does it…

          Bepaws it seems like the Caspian Tiger is something like the Siberian Tiger!  Well, it seems like they have the same DNA maybe.  Now, that fact is meowy interesting but let’s look for sure.  What do we know about the Caspian Tiger, besides the bits and pieces that may have appeared on here or the page. 

          Out of all the tigers, this was the one that was the largest of the subspecies.  Meee-ow!  Here we go! According to researchers at Oxford do say that genes of the Caspian Tiger live in the Siberian (Amur) Tiger!

          Meeeee-yeaaaaahhhh!!!  Good news but boo!  It doesn’t last…

          The Caspian Tiger was declared extinct in 2003 and if you think about it, that wasn’t that long ago.  Meee-hmmmm... what does that mean?  I have no idea but some humans do think they’re still around.  They had this amazing range from the west and southern parts of the Caspian Sea all the way to China.  Maybe they do see them, granted nobody can verify for sure.  Could you imagine if they did??  Could you see the new?


          Could you just imagine that?  Would it be great?  But the way the news is going you would see them giving Hillary Clinton the credit for it but I digress.  There’s another reason why scientists don’t think they’re gone forever they want to clone them and just ‘bring them back to life.’

          How’s that for a spooky Halloween?

          Hell-ooooooo Caspian Tiger.

          Cloning is weird situation.  Part of you wants to see it happen but part of you want these humans to CONCENTRATE ON SAVING WHAT’S AROUND TODAY.  I mean how hard is it?  Siberian Tigers are in serious trouble folks, get some passion into keeping them alive.

          But I digress again…

          Meee-ow where was I?  Of meow- the Caspian Tiger and we’ve mentioned the range and when it was declared officially ‘extinct.’  What led to their demise?  Well, that’s easy to figure out, isn’t it?  You know these humans- let’s move into all the animal’s territory and just get rid of all of them.  It seems like that they want to move Siberian Tigers into Caspian Tiger territory.  Now, how do you think that will work out?

       To be continued...

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