Sunday, October 30, 2016

Siberian Tiger Sunday

    Happy Halloween and mee-ow I'm back again on a ‘Siberian Tiger’ Sunday with more meows and yowls about the Caspian Tiger.  If you weren’t around last week the reason why we focus on the Caspian Tiger on Sunday is bepaws- well do you know what?  There’s not a reason to it.  He’s next on the list and since it’s Sunday- you get the point.

Last Tuesday we were meowing about how humans claim they see this tiger and that they even want to restock the area with Siberian Tigers.  Now, what I don’t get is what in the meow would be the point of that whole thing considering humans have the trigger finger and would probably wipe them out.  There is also talk of cloning- did I meow that by any chance.  They want to clone Caspian Tigers.

Like I meowed last week,  can’t you guys concentrate on saving what’s already around?  I mean what’s wrong with that?

Let’s get back to the Caspian Tiger in general.  This cat was the biggest cat that ever lived and meow it sounds like he was bigger than the Siberian Tiger.  Now, my question is how are they related to the Siberian Tiger then.  No one ever says that the Siberian Tiger was the biggest cat out there, do they?  But oh no we can’t argue with those humans who think they know everything about genetics- oh no.

Meee-ow I’m getting off track…

Caspian Tigers are meowy interesting bepaws, like I said, there are those stories every so often that claim one is still around.  It is highly, highly doubtful but I’ll ever say never bepaws this world is a crazy place.  There’s always something to the theory of ‘animals no how to hide’ and if any of them had a shot at doing this it would’ve been this tiger considering they roamed all over the place!           It’s sad though the way they went out.  You can blame man for this one and this obsession they have for hunting for sport.  It’s a shame though that a sustainable zoo population couldn’t live on.  Could you imagine the status of tigers in general, if there was one?  It would seem like all tigers would’ve benefited.  How?  Meee-ow how in the meow do I know?  I investigate, I’m no scientist.  It just makes me mad that humans find out what a good thing they have after they’re gone.  For instance, it sounds like Russia banned hunting in 1947.  A lot of good that did, right?

We kitties will keep tabs on this though.  Why?  Why not?  Wouldn’t it be great to have a ‘special tiger bulletin?’  Meeee-ow.  Tigers are to a point that no matter you have to celebrate any bit of good news, even if they’re just rumors.

And with that- we’ll see you on ‘Tiger Tuesday!’

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