Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Tiger Tuesday

          Pawing right along…

          Did you know that the oldest tiger known to mankind was found in China?  Now, isn’t that special.  Those Chinese are one of the main reasons why they’re disappearing and conveniently enough humans say a tiger originated from there. Go figure and meow on that.  How did these clever humans come up with this idea? Well, they found some skull in China that’s over two million years old. 

          Meee-ow just think about that for a second.  A tiger is millions of years old and today these gun-happy humans can’t wait until they’re all gone.  The way humans think about stuff just blows this cat’s mind.  What? You don’t believe that?  Well, think about this they found tiger fossils in a place called Java over a million years old and from that you can guess that kind of evolved into what humans call the Javan Tiger and guess what? They’re not around anymore either!

          In the deep history of the tiger there is something interesting that came out.  Did you know they were on Japan, Borneo and on one of the Philippines’ islands?  That fact alone was meowy interesting in my book.  Anyway the overall range of the tiger started growing and 10 modern subspecies formed.  It’s documented that all made it to the 20th century and three are now extinct.  But I’m sure all of you humans know this, everyone knows it.  The dog next door even woofs about it.  So the next big question is where do we start? What is the history of each paw-ticular tiger?


          To tiger or not to tiger…

          Wait a meow-minute, I know what you humans are thinking.  Why no more detail about old, old, old tigers?  Well, are you really going to listen?  I don’t know about some of you humans but when I hear about dinosaur stuff time I go to sleep.  This could be one of those things that you stick with what you know.  So, what do you know…

          About the Bali Tiger?

          On this end, my whiskers really don’t know twitch that much with the knowledge of them.  I think the island where they’re from is actually kind of small.  It’s really doubtful that they’re actually around today.  It actually hasn’t been seen in the wild for almost 100 years but you do hear those stories….

          Could this tiger be around today?

          It doesn’t look good but every so often you get a human yelling, ‘HEY THERE’S A TIGER OUT THERE!!’ It seems like you don’t hear that too much here.  It could be bepaws, like I meowed, the island is kind of small.  It’s meowy sad that the island didn’t stay big.  Ap-pawently Bali split during a time that humans call the ‘Ice Age.’

          And I don’t know about the ‘Ice Age.’ Remember I’m only a kitty and this is to be continued….

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