Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Tiger Tuesday

          Now, remember we’ve been meowing about Caspian Tigers and we’re going to keep meowing about them bepaws, well to be purr-fectly honest they are purry interesting and it’s TIGER TUESDAY!!!!

          MOL, I know, I know that was a cheap publicity ploy but I couldn’t let it paw out of here.  Anyway- I know what you are thinking- why are Caspian Tigers so interesting??? 

          Meee-ow okay maybe you’re thinking about your next cup of coffee or break.  How in the meow would I know?  I’m only a cat.  My job though is to keep going on and on about the tiger-like it or not and some of you must like it!  I see I do have some readers and that’s a good thing! 

          (Whiskers are twitching.)

          Personally, I like hearing about Caspian Tigers bepaws some humans still report their existence!  Meeeeeeeeee-wow!!!!  Wouldn’t that be meow-tastic!  And wouldn’t you like to know if it’s true?  Mee-ow, maybe but maybe not.  Now, from reading a lot of these science humans say ‘SIBERIAN TIGERS ARE THE CLOSEST TO CASPIAN TIGERS!’ Regular humans say, ‘No, no I still see tigers where Caspian Tigers lived!’ Your whiskers could fall off just listening to this.  What’s the point?  Some of us want to know and others don’t want to know…

          Meee-ow, let me meow into that further…

          This kitty’s never been to those big mountains over in Russia, the Middle East, etc and I bet a lot of you haven’t been either. (Meee-ow it’d be a great to get a comment saying ‘yes I have smart-ass.)  The point is the unknown is still out there and a lot of animals are way smarter than what humans give them credit for bepaws they know one thing- how to hide.  Could they be up in some mountain in Iran? Maybe, meee-ow I’d love to know but the second you reveal it- here come the hunters.  That’s the trouble with humans they want to find out stuff but when it comes to protection they just blow it off.  I mean what do they really think that all of us animals can take care of each other on our own? Please…

          Here’s the weird thing though about the Caspian Tiger.  Some humans really, really try to slam it into our heads that they’re gone but they weren’t declared officially extinct until 2003.  Now, if the last one was killed in the 1950s- why wait so long?  Can’t you humans get your stories straight?  MOL- probably not..

          Meee-ow I know, I’m repeating myself but humans are amazing aren’t they?  They act so sure about stuff, yet they don’t know.  I can understand why- a lot of bad stuff is going on in the world it’s hard to investigate but come on!  When you don’t know- just admit it!

          To be continued…

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