Sunday, November 13, 2016

Siberian Tiger Sunday

And we are back pals, on this ‘Siberian Tiger’ Sunday and meow- meow we know!  You’re still indignant that we don’t call it Amur to bad-MOL.  We’ve always said ‘Siberian’ and it’ll stay that way.  Now, let’s paw along…

Theses tigers live in the birch forests in eastern Russia.  Some believe that there are some in North Korea and in China but I doubt that.  You might have one occasionally crossing into Russia but North Korea- don’t get the hopes up.  They aren’t to the point of critically endangered and according to

the population may be close to 500 and their population is stable.  The last part is surprisingly good news because China seems determined to get rid of them in our lifetime.  So, let’s hang onto that good news for now.

          Good news about exotic cats is hard to find so you must appreciate anything you can get.

          Wait, we must take a paw back on something we meowed.  Some sources claim that there are some tigers in the Jilin Province of China.  That fact totally throws off what we were going to paw out.  Who would’ve thought that they wanted to go anywhere near China but there is that theory, yet again of how good animals can hide (when necessary).

          History-wise let’s get back to the fact that there aren’t any good books about animal history out there.  Well, they’re out there but maybe I’m too much of a snob!  But while pawing I did come across this site: which gives you some brief background on the Siberian Tiger.  It also brings up the interesting point that indigenous people seemed to hold respect for the tiger and it was the Russians (from the west) that went a little too trigger happy which led to their demise.  It wasn’t until the 1940s that protected areas were formed. 

The interesting thing is that tigers, at one time were even found in northern Mongolia.  That discovery needs some further explanation bepaws tigers and Mongolia don’t match somehow.  If you look at the tiger’s range it makes a lot of sense but for some reason, I never thought they would survive there. They just don’t seem suited for that country.  With that being meowed, what do I know about Mongolia.

Investigation is needed though on this bepaws I think this is fascinating.  When was the tiger last seen in Mongolia?  Are there any photos?

And with that, we’ll continue the investigating on ‘Tiger’ Tuesday!

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