Sunday, November 20, 2016

Siberian Tiger Sunday

          Meeeeee-ow everybody!  We are back with more on this ‘Siberian Tiger’ Sunday and meee-ow we have to get back on track.  We were to distracted by some really loud women on Tuesday and we have to get back to basics.  So, where were we?


          We’re back to the land of repetition!  Let’s put this to rest but we’ll leave the door open for any news.  Are there tigers in Mongolia?  If I had to guess I would say no.  Keep in mind that the Bactrian Camel lives in Mongolia and they are CRITICALLY ENDANGERED.  What does a camel have in common with a tiger?  Absolutely nothing- my point is if something like the camel is almost gone from that country it would be safe to assume people would get trigger happy and blow any tiger out of the water.  Mongolia though is an interesting country.  Recently Pallas Cats were discovered there so if some news ever came out of there I wouldn’t be surprised.  Let’s paw on…

          The Siberian Tiger is a beautiful, yet frustrating animal for this reason- NO ONE SEEMS TO KNOW CERTAIN FACTS FOR SURE.  For a long time you heard they were in North Korea, then suddenly extinct from there, now people say they’re back BUT the population keeps falling.  One group says Caspian Tigers were different from Siberian Tigers yet others say they were exactly the same.  Some say Indochinese Tigers are gone- yet you have news articles saying a Siberian Tiger is wandering around the northern part.  How do you know it wasn’t an Indochinese Tiger?

          That’s just it- you don’t.

          The number doesn’t seem to change.  People and we’ll use the IUCN Red List to make this point think there might be around 450 left in the Russian forest.  Their main threats are poaching and logging.  Here’s the thing with humanity- when it comes to nature they have no concept of what is ‘the end.’  Poachers think tigers multiply like rabbits and loggers shrug off the destruction of beautiful forests because they figure ‘ah there are plenty of trees around.’
To be continued...

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