Thursday, November 10, 2016

'Threatened Cat' Thursday

     On this ‘Threatened Cat’ Thursday we start meowing a series about all kinds of cats in the world and meee-ow sure a lot of this will be repetitious but that okay.  Like we kitties say, it’s always good to repeat over and over bepaws people need to get it pounded into their heads that these cats are important and they need saved.

          The Amur Leopard is purr-fect place to part.

          The Amur Leopard is one of the most threatened cats in the world.  Does anyone know for sure how man there are?  No, of course you don’t, bepaws these animals do adjust to human behavior and the theory that these animals that they need to hide.  They do adjust to what’s going on in the human world.  And

mee-ow, of course, I’m not a scientist, how do I know for sure?

          But meee-ow it’s nice to think about it, right?  Again, no one is meowing there are hundreds of Amur Leopards out there.  To be purr-ectly honest the number might be below 100- I don’t know for sure.  To me it sounds like that a lot of humans don’t have the ability to go out and survey these animals for sure.  Why?  Territory, probably, they may be hard to get to and that’s a meowy good thing.  If that keeps up, then maybe people will leave them alone.

          My question to you is pals- do you like hearing the news of Amur Leopards popping up in a certain area?  Meee-ow, I do and I don’t.  Here’s my problem- seeing some indication of Amur Leopards is great but when we kitties see them that means the hunting humans do.  It’s a double-edged sword.  Sometimes it’s the philosophy of “I don’t want to know.”

          Pawing right along with that idea- I know my whiskers are twitching on overtime.  I sound goofy like some of these humans.  I meow about surveys yet I meow out, ‘I don’t want to know.’  It’s a tough situation but let’s meow on.  Why first of all did I choose the Amur Leopard?  The inspiration came from the Pittsburgh Zoo.  The female had a baby in February (photo below) and their beauty and just purr-fection can inspire not just humans but we regular kitties.  The question now is- where do you start when it comes to meowing about this big cat? 

Well, how about the overall history.  Question one:

          How long has this cat been around?

          Honestly, I have no meowy idea.  To be purr-fectly honest, I don’t think some of these humans do either.  Without doing any kind of research, all of us can assume that this cat is descended from another kind of cat that was around when the dinosaurs roamed.  And we can tackle that next week…

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