Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Tiger Tuesday

     Meee-ow everybody!  We’re back for another ‘Tiger’ Tuesday!  And where did we meow off, by the way?  MOL- oh don’t look like that we know!  We were meowing about tigers in Mongolia.  Now, I’ll admit it, we kitties don’t know too much about Mongolia and you can figure that out by the way we paw around certain things but the idea that they could be in another place besides Russia is very appealing and very reasonable.  After all, there are no state roads over there, it’s not like a Siberian Tiger would need to pay cash to visit Mongolia. 

          Meow- so what’s the verdict?

          Well, to be purr-fectly honest, we’re not sure.  While it does seem reasonable that Siberian Tigers could travel into Mongolia- some say that only Caspian Tigers lived there at one point.  Now, if that fact is true that Caspian Tigers roamed around Mongolia then how in the meow were they wiped out so quickly?  Mongolia makes you think of cold plains, high mountains and just hard-to-get there places.  Maybe it’s pawsible that we have to take a step back and look at the Caspian Tigers and their history in the region.

          With all of this, maybe it’s the fact that people have no meowy idea what they’re talking about!  That statement alone could sum it all up.  All of you kitties know what humans are like they can drive us cats nuts!

          Meow- enough of the rant.  We kitties thrive on the word research and we will make sure that’s what we do.  We will fill you in on more on ‘Siberian Tiger’ Sunday.  Why?  Bepaws I’m in a library and two really loud women are distracting me!  MOL- I’ll see you Sunday pals!

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