Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Tiger Tuesday

          We kitties are back and it’s a holiday ‘Tiger’ Tuesday and I have a ‘tail.’  I heard this story when I was pawing around about bears.  It’s bear season in our area and some really rotten dude shot a mother and the cubs.  Now, I don’t know what this dude was thinking- I don’t want to know.  How does this tie into tigers?  It shows you that no matter what people have rotten attitudes towards animals.

          At this point, the tigers that we know are just sitting in the Russia.  The IUCN Red List states their population is decreasing but the National Geographic site says their numbers could be stable.  Who knows what to believe at this point-I would say it’s a good possibility that these guys are stable- with all they have to deal with on a regular basis- the population could, indeed, be stable.

          Do you notice that we’re meowing a lot so we hope it’s true?  You noticed that, right? 

          What’s really interesting is that Siberian Tigers have been endangered for a long time- a REALLY long time.  What’s confusing to us kitties is not to much effort seems to be going into really saving them.  What in the meow does that mean?  Meee-ow- let me get more detailed…

          Everyone knows that pandas almost disappeared from China and meee-ow the press was in a rage!  Pandas were plastered everywhere and there was nothing the matter with that- we kitties like a good panda.  They’re pawfully cute, a little to obsessed with bamboo but that’s okay.  Well, the Chinese went to town with this campaign of saving the panda and that’s good.  We give these humans plenty of ap-paws but why in the meow doesn’t this effort go towards the tiger?  Couldn’t we do something to get these cats to the ‘vulnerable stage?’  Is it paws-ible…

          Well, is it??

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