Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Tiger Tuesday

     Okay, so we really didn’t see you on ‘Siberian Tiger’ Sunday.  Well, we did but we were sleeping but could you blame us?  Don’t tell me you didn’t enjoy getting that extra hour of sleep.  With that being growled let’s move on since it is Election Day…


          Those are two lousy words aren’t they and I bet you, the viewing public would like to know who we tigers voted for- it’s not Trump that’s for sure and no we didn’t vote for Hillary either.  You want to growl fake WITH A CAPITAL F. 

So, take a guess what we did?

          We pawed in BERNIE SANDERS!

          *Growl* Yes, we the tigers, living in America, pawed in Bernie Sanders for the simple reason that this woman scares the stripes off of us!  We can predict that she’s probably going to win this but we tigers don’t want that woman to have the satisfaction of having our vote.  Besides, that Bernie Sanders seemed like a purr-ty cool human.

          Okay, maybe you don’t agree and you’re asking what’s the point of this?  It’s easy.  We tigers need someone to put their foot down and take care of this country and help make the world better.  He is the human to do it, not the other two.  You can agree or disagree and that’s great.  That’s what makes this country great- open discussion, open meows, open growls. So, in conclusion, we tigers growl out a- go vote for the human you want and brace yourselves for bad news.  This human election is rigged with a capital R and the environment is in big trouble.  And on that note, we’ll growl with you Sunday!

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