Sunday, December 11, 2016

Siberian Tiger Sunday!

          And on this ‘Siberian Tiger’ Sunday, we’ll get silly.  It’s Christmas and it’s time to paw along to something fun.  Who needs facts?  Do you know what us tigers want to do?

          We want to go look for Santa Claus!


          Isn’t this supposed to be ‘The History of Tigers: Part 1?’  Meee-ow of course it is but it’s time to have some fun.  It’s time to get characters and move along so let’s start with Dave…


          Yeah, Dave (I bet you thought I was going to say Tony, huh?  MOL)  Dave was a Siberian Tiger on a mission.  He wants to go and find Santa.  Why?  He doesn’t want to eat him- he wants Santa’s help.  All of the tigers want Santa’s help!  They want peace- they want to survive- THEY WANT PEOPLE TO LEAVE THEM ALONE.

          You could almost say that Santa Claus is the tiger’s Bernie Sanders.  MOL- I know, I know that doesn’t make any sense.  Now, let’s paw along.  Dave was getting ready.  He had to head to the North Pole, personally, to get a hold of Santa Claus and go, “HELP!!!”

          All of the tigers tried to convince him not to do it.  They figured he didn’t have a chance.  “You’ll never make it,” his friends growled out, but Dave wasn’t going to listen.  It was time to paw and rock on!

          So, he got everything together and by everything that means knowledge and filling up his gut.  After all, who knows when he’d be eating again.  Who knows what he’d find to eat anyway?  He just hoped that he wouldn’t freeze to death.

          Now, I know what you are thinking.  You’re wondering what way he went.  After all, going from Russia to the North Pole would be complicated.  It’s a reasonable question to ask but here’s the answer.  I have no idea what way he went!  I am not a tiger travel service.  It doesn’t matter.  Dave was determined and guess what?  With some luck and a lot of patience he made it and guess who he ran into…

          A walrus…

          A lion…

          The Trouties…

          And the Purry Cute kitties!

          And meeee-ow paw on over to for interactions! He might not be there yet, technically, but he will be!

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