Sunday, December 18, 2016

Siberian Tiger Sunday

          Dave couldn’t believe it! 

          It was incredible!


          Oh c’mon, you knew it was coming! Dave just ran into Santa Claus!

          Now, this jolly, old fellow almost fell out of his seat.  Do you blame him?  Who in the world would’ve thought that you would see a tiger out there!  In the meantime, Dave was in awe, “Santa!” he growled out.

          Santa had to take a couple of minutes to make sure Dave wasn’t going to eat him- then he started to chuckle.  That jolly-ho-ho-ho thing that everyone likes.  “Now, this is a complete shock!” Santa yelled out.  He had to yell because it was snowing, you see.  “What can I do for you, my friend?  Dave right?  Is your name Dave?”

          Dave almost hit his head with his tail.  “WOW!”  he said.  “How did you know my name?”

          Santa just grinned.  “I know everybody!” he replied.

          Dave started feeling more relaxed.  Do you know what was even funnier about this?  The reindeer were relaxed.  They weren’t afraid of Dave at all and you would’ve thought that they would’ve been just on general principle.  “Santa- you have to help me!” Dave said.  “Please!!”

          Santa was concerned about how panicked Dave looked.  “What’s wrong Dave?”  he asked. 

          That’s when Dave started the whole story about how humans wouldn’t leave any of the tigers alone.  Dave said he was sick and tired of humans always doing something to their home too.  He was worried that he’d be the last tiger on earth soon.  “Is there something that you can do, Santa?” he asked.

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