Thursday, December 15, 2016

Threatened Cat Thursday (Amur Leopard 'Tails')

          Of course you probably want something a little bit different than me reciting encyclopedia-type facts right?  Naturally you do!  So, what does an Amur Leopard do for Christmas?  It can be summed up this way….

During this fantastic time of year,

The Amur Leopard is living in fear.

Hunting, losing a home it’s all there.

But not enough humans seem to care.

Do you know that this cat wants peace to roam?

And safety in his home?

He doesn’t want to be afraid anymore.

And helping a great animal like this is what Christmas is for!

          Now, if I could really draw I’d have a pic here of an Amur Leopard looking up at a Christmas star!  With that, we’ll see you next week on ‘Threatened Cat’ Thursday!

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