Thursday, December 1, 2016

Threatened Cat Thursday!

     What’s pawin’ everybody?  We’re here to meow more about the Amur Leopard which is a good thing considering there is 24 more days until Christmas and this cat seems to just suit the season, right?  Paws-onally I think the Amur Leopard would probably have all of his shopping done by now.  You know for sure that they have their selection of trees and they probably are pawing around smelling like pine.

          Pawing along…

          It seems like that the Amur Leopard is one of the faster cats.  He’s been

clocked at 37 mph.  Now that’s interesting.  I don’t know about you but I don’t remember seeing an Amur Leopard run that fast.  Those Amur Leopards that you happen to get a glimpse of on tv (if you’re lucky) usually look like they’re just prowling.  Come to think of it with that kind of environment (in Russia) when would there be a time for the Amur Leopard to take off?

          Good question…

          When you get down to this, an Amur Leopard takes off in short spurts.  They are also great swimmers which is meowy cool.  Now, if you go to a zoo you might see a tiger in water but Amur Leopards would be something to see.  When would they need to swim?  Well, I’ll have to get back to you on that one but as for the running, it seems like that Sika Deer would be the time to see them take off at

30+ mph.  It’s only logical but as for the running- this will be a continuing ‘tail’ as well.  We’re speculating as of now.

          What’s really meowy about the Amur Leopard is that they can make your imagination roll.  Think about it for a second-you know that they roam through forests and that they adapt to the cold.  But they are cats that, at one time, you could find them on mountains, steppes, etc.  What does this mean in terms of imagination?  Well, you have to wonder what kind of big cats they run into.  And, remember they’re still in tiger territory.  What would happen if these two met?  Are there good stories about that, out there?

          Tons of good questions here and we’ll keep working on that.  Remember we’re not hardcore scientists.  We collect and share the information.  The Amur Leopard is a cat of not just rarity but imagination.  You can’t help but be intrigued by what they do.  And remember, the key to finding out more about a specific animal is starting with basics.

          And on that note- we’ll meow with you next week!

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