Thursday, December 22, 2016

Threatened Cat Thursday

We are still meowing about Dave the Siberian Tiger and get this- he just ran into the Trouties and the Purry Cute kitties!

Santa couldn’t believe it!  “What’s going on?” he asked.

Dave was in a state of shock.  He never thought he’d see this walrus again.

“What are you cats doing here?”  asked Dave.  “How in the growl did you find us?”

          The Mayor (see the Purry Cute blog for reference) brushed the snow off with his tail.  “You goof,” he said.  “We hearz the bellz”

          Santa was starting to get a headache.  Who in the meow thought that was paws-ible.  Who would’ve thought Santa could get headaches?  Here he was ready to carry on with this great idea to help Dave and his fellow tigers, yet now he had walruses, a hippo, a lion and cats there!  What was up with this?  But he had to get on the jolly side.  “What can I do for all of you?” he asked.

          “Where are you going?”  asked Baby.  “It’s not Christmas Eve yet.”

          “Dry run,” said Santa.  “Let me talk more to Dave.  I have some ideas on how to help Dave and his pals.”

          Now, that got the attention of Sam, Eddie, Leo and Hank.  If Santa could help Dave- then maybe- just maybe there was some hope for them too!

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