Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Tiger Tuesday

          On this ‘Tiger Tuesday’ you do have to get somewhat on the sentimental side though.  It is the Christmas season and meeee-ow there are nothing like tigers at Christmas, right?  Just think about it.  You see all of those specials with them pawing around in the snow- so it would only make sense that they’d be considered the ultimate Christmas cat, wouldn’t it?

          So, what if we’re getting a little silly?  It’s Christmas!

          Personally, I could see a Siberian Tiger chilling at the North Pole.  Santa goes out to get the morning paper, bumps into one, etc.  It’s the instant image.  And no, the human hasn’t been drinking-MOL.  It’s the imagination working overtime and that’s what Christmas is for!

          Here is the thing though about tigers, all of them are in trouble.  You know it, I know it, the wildlife in America know it.  It’s common knowledge for all.  These are the cats that you almost guarantee will go extinct in our lifetime.  The Chinese won’t stop with this medicine theory and there’s no chance of that  even slowing down.  Why would it?  There is way too much money in it and well, I think that the poachers killing all of these tigers probably get off on it.

          But that’s your usual blunt guess…

          Okay, what’s the point here?  Sometimes you have to wonder what animals would ask for at Christmas.  What would a tiger’s letter to Santa look like?  Yeah, it would be covered with paw marks.  Sure some fur might be shed on it but it could be wrapped up this way…

          Dear Santa Claus,

          All of the cats say that you are the man that makes thing happen.  We tigers just one thing for Christmas.  We want humans to leave us alone.

          *Silence from the audience*

          Leave us alone…

          It makes sense doesn’t it?  Don’t you just have a feeling that tigers, no matter where they are (in the wild or in captivity) want left alone?  Now, how does that captivity part play into this? Just think about it for a second- if a tiger is in a nice zoo or even in a circus where they are treated well-don’t you think they want to be left in peace?

          Again, please don’t tell me all zoos and circuses are evil.  If an animal is well-taken care of they deserve to be left alone.  People have no right to decide what is good just because they think something is bad, when it does good.

          Meee-wow- I just gave you headache.  MOL.  Let’s paw along and wrap this-Santa help the tigers. That’s not a lot to ask. And with that, we’ll meow with you on ‘Siberian Tiger’ Sunday.

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