Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Tiger Tuesday

      And if you’ve been following this ‘tail’ you saw that Dave just save a huge walrus!  Now, as you might have guessed, the walrus wasn’t too happy about it.  Okay, let’s stop beating around the bush- he was terrified.  But Dave wasn’t interested in a walrus.  He had to get to Santa’s place and that fact alone had him drop the walrus off in a safe spot.  Again, he had no interest in the walrus.  Where in the world was Santa’s place?

          So, just take a second and picture it…

          Dave, standing in the middle of the North Pole in a deserted area, pretty much, since his powerful legs easily put the fracking company a long way behind him.  The wind was blowing and Dave, believe it or not, was actually felt cold for a second.  Where was this guy at?  He wondered.  He had to be around.  Humans never shut-up about him and the animals, as you know, where Dave lived always talked about him too.  He was actually starting to get really discouraged until he saw a fox?

          Wait a second!  A fox?

          Yeah you know, one of the Arctic Foxes.  His eyes almost popped out of the socket.  He didn’t take a second to chat either he turned around and dashed off towards the west.

          “Hey!!!  Wait a second!”  Dave yelled, pawing after him.  He didn’t want to eat the little guy, he just wanted information.  He kept yowling at him but the Arctic Fox wasn’t listening.  After about two minutes, he even started to lose sight of him. 

          Dave ‘pawsed’ and just looked off in the fox’s direction.  The snow was falling faster so that meant the tracks were disappearing.  What in the tiger stripes has he gotten himself into anyway?  This was starting to be one of the biggest wild goose chases ever.  That started Dave thinking about a goose- that’s when he started to get hungry.

          Maybe it was good the fox disappeared…

          But here we have a hungry tiger in the middle of nowhere and after a couple of minutes that’s when he started to hear jingle bells…

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