Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Tiger Tuesday

When we last left Dave- he was pleading to Santa Claus for help in saving the tigers!!!


          Santa just stared at Dave really somber-like, which is purr-ty worrisome, if you think about it.  How in the meow could Santa be somber, angry, sad, or whatever?  Santa wasn’t supposed to be sad.  There had to be a law against it right?


          Silly meowings I know but just stop and think about this for a second.  Santa, while wanting to be jolly all of the time, was still a person.  (Yeah, all you skeptics, Santa’s a person.  He ranks up there in that ‘special’ kind of person category.)  What Dave was asking really got to Santa BIG TIME.  He knew Dave was 100% correct about the situation.  Humans were indeed greedy, stupid and they didn’t actually know what they were doing.  No matter what there were going to be humans thinking that there was some magical room that a tiger would pop out of for their convenience.

          Dave was really worried now!  Santa was taking way to long to answer this.

“Santa,” he said putting a paw on his sleigh, “can’t you do something?  I mean this is really scary!”  Poor Dave looked like he was ready to cry.

          That’s when, suddenly, Santa got an idea!  A fantastic, paws-ible wonderful idea!!!!

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