Thursday, January 12, 2017

Threatened Cat Thursday

 In terms of the Amur Leopard- maybe it’s time to scrap it and just start all over again.


          You heard me.  Time to start again in a new year.  Why?  Well, just bepaws mostly and what’s the difference anyway.  It’s a big cat that has one meowy of a good story…

          Too bad there wasn’t more of them…

          However, let’s backtrack some.  Let’s have a number.  How many are in the wild?  How many exactly?  Well, I don’t have the ability to go out and do a census but according to this piece from 2015:

The leopard has doubled in population.  However, as of this second, this means nothing.  They could’ve easily been invaded by poachers.  But, let’s think positive that yes-indeed the number of Amur Leopards have doubled.  They could even be on a track of reaching 100 by now.

          Yeah, yeah I know.  It’s wishful thinking.

          We’ll get back to the numbers game.  Let’s head to the zoo angle again and yes, I know some of you hate zoos.  Some of you want them burned the way they used to burn ‘supposed’ witches but guess what?  This is isn’t the place for that.  We like zoos here and we appreciate their good work.  Note that if a lot of holy rollers stopped screaming about them you would see that many of them do indeed help animals.

 Now, with that preaching out of the way consider this- it seems like if you go to a zoo a lot of them have Amur Leopards which is very interesting.  I’ll admit I don’t know how this system works on how they’re easier to get than African Leopards but I digress (yet again).  Moving along though, it’s interesting to note that a lot of zoos seem to have babies.  For an example,

In Indiana (at the Potawatomi Zoo), to females just debuted.  They were born on July 26, 2016.

The Brookfield Zoo (Illinois) had one born last July too.

And a couple of years ago, the Pittsburgh Zoo’s Amur Leopard had a baby too.

Okay, maybe to you this isn’t a lot but for a species that is disappearing any progress is a good thing.  If you know of more add them to this list and with that we will see you next ‘Threatened Cat’ Thursday!

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