Thursday, April 27, 2017

Threatened Cat Thursday

A:  Scientists are considering ARTIFICIALLY inseminating these animals.

B: BABIES will stay with mom up to a year and a half.


D: They like DESERTS and plains.

E: Camera EQUIPMENT in Iran is hard to come by and it's hard to get a lot of camera traps.

F: The FUR is fawn-colored.  It's pale on the sides and on the muzzle.

G: GESTATION takes up to 100 days.

H: They HUNT gazelles, hares and wild sheep.

I: The Asian Cheetah is located only in IRAN.

J: It's a shame that more countries don't JOIN in the effort to save this cat.

K:  KALAMAD is just one of the cheetah's reserves.

L: It's 4.5 ft. in length and the tail is 3.5 ft. in LENGTH.

M: MALES set up the territory.

N: Bikes in NATURE reserves are a serious problem for this cheetah.

O: A female will have ONE to four cubs.

P:  Interesting, the IUCN Red List has this cheetah's POPULATION as stable.

Q: There is no QUITTING for the scientists in Iran.  You have to give them credit for trying to save this animal.

R:  New ROADS and mining seem to be two main causes of their deaths.

S: No other animal will come close to the cheetah's SPEED. It's still the fastest land animal.

T:  The TERRAIN of the cheetah could be described as 'harsh.'

U: An UNDERSTANDING of this animal is incomplete because it's rarely seen.

V:  The cheetahs have a 'VALUABLE' ally and that's George Schaller, a biologist.

W: The fact that they are still here and that Iran is trying is a WIN in my book.

X:  There seems to be an enthusiasm in Iran of saving this animal from EXTINCTION.

Y:  Females will mate when they reach two YEARS old.

Z:  Fortunately, there are some Asian Cheetahs in ZOOS.

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