Thursday, May 4, 2017

'Threatened Cat' Thursday

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Amur Leopard A-Z
(Photo from Wikipedia)

A:  Their fur is longer than the AFRICAN Leopard's.

B:  Females can BREED at three and the main months are in January and February.

C:  The Amur Leopard is CRITICALLY Endangered.

D:  The obsession with oil might lead to their DEMISE.
E:  This is the most ENDANGERED cat in the world.

F: Other names include the FAR EAST LEOPARD, Manchurian Leopard and Korean Leopard.

G:  GESTATION is 90-105 days.

H:  They are great climbers and they will come down from a tree HEADFIRST.

I:  INBREEDING is a problem with the ones in the wild.

J:  They are not as good with the JUMPING like their relatives but they have the ability to leap 19 ft. horizontally and 10 ft. vertically.

K:  They have a KEEN sense of vision and smell

L:  Their LIFESPAN is 10-15 years in the wild.  They can live 20 in captivity.

M:  They can run 37 MILES per hour.

N:  The NUMBERS of Amur Leopards in the wild vary from site to site. It's one of those- you're not quite sure bepaws of their location (mountain environment, etc.)

O:  Their coat can be described as pale straw to grey and OCHRE to chestnut with a white under side.

P:  POACHING an habitat loss are major threats.

Q:  Russia does have a sincere QUEST in saving this animal.  Land has been set aside for it. 

R: REINTRODUCTION plans have been discussed but it seems like, as of now that wouldn't be a good idea.

S:  They hunt after SUNSET.

T:  People don't seem to realize that all leopards are under attack for their parts the same way that TIGERS are.

U: URINE is just one way to mark their 30-mile territory.  They also use feces and claw marks.

V:  Their VISION is paw-some!

W:  Males can WEIGH 71-106 pounds and females WEIGH 55-94 pounds.

X:  Habitat loss could lead to their eXtinction.

Y:  Even though it may not be a good idea to reintroduce them now- a reintroduction program by Russia can increase the number of these cats in 20 YEARS.

Z:  At last count there were 173 leopards in ZOOS in the USA.

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