Thursday, August 6, 2015

A Cecil-torial

          Cecil and the Planned Parenthood issue are not in the same category.  No matter how much a lot of you would like to think so.  I will not discuss the issue of abortion here, except to say that I do favor it and if that offends you fine.  Move on.  What I’m doing this month is trying to make this about issues facing big cats and, of course you can use Cecil as the inspiration.

          What people don’t seem to understand is that the killing of Cecil the lion targets one issue as a whole the environment and what lives in our environment.  This world is blessed with a great amount of animals and yeah, there are over populations of certain ones.  For instance the death of Cecil shouldn’t lead to a ban on hunting- real hunting.  I have deer hunters in the family and granted, I personally wouldn’t do it but if they like it that’s their choice.

          In other words, there is a huge difference between killing a deer in western Pennsylvania than shooting a lion, especially the way Walter Palmer killed Cecil.  Lions are in a vulnerable state falling victim to loss of habitat and loss of prey too.  It seems to me that an animal in a vulnerable state shouldn’t even be considered for hunting.  That’s what I don’t get the reasoning that hunting is so good for Africa.  Listen, if these big game hunters were so wonderful for the people of Africa, then tell me why there are thousands of poor villages across that continent.  The way these big game hunters brag, you would think that they breathe life into that continent when the simple fact is- only a few seem to profit, that’s it.

          Think about this for a second, why do people go to Africa?  Or what do you think of the perfect African visit?  In my own opinion it would be a safari visit, that’s it.  Africa needs to get it through their heads that if they want to survive they better start realizing that animals are the true backbone to their economy, not some visit to some obscure landmark.

          Call it the Obama daughter theory.

          What does that mean?  Well, remember when the president took his family to Africa and he took his kids to the slave sites, etc and they looked as bored as hell?  Why do you think they were bored?  Because they would’ve rather been on a safari instead that’s why.

          Look, get mad at what I say- but stop and think about it. There is a lot of truth to what I’m writing, to many people are just too politically correct to say it and until someone really stands up and says some of this we’re going to keep hearing more stories like Cecil’s.

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